luni, 11 noiembrie 2013

In aceasta zi din viata ta, cred ca Dumnezeu vrea ca tu sa stii

In aceasta zi din viata ta, cred ca Dumnezeu vrea ca tu sa stii... ai gasit ceea ce ti-a fost menit sa pastrezi.

Stii exact ce inseamna acest lucru, 
asa ca nu mai incerca sa-ti dai seama.
Acest lucru nu ti-a fost adus ca sa il arunci. Sau ca sa-l ignori.
Sau ca sa pretinzi ca nu este acolo.
Priveste-l. Apuca-l si uita-te fix la el. Tine-l.
Este mai mult acolo, mult mai mult decat crezi.
Si stii exact de ce ai primit astazi, acest mesaj.

Cu dragoste, prietenul tau

On this day of your life, I believe God wants you to know...
...that what you found was meant for you to keep.
You know exactly what this means, so stop trying to
figure it out. This was not brought to you so that you
could throw it away. Or ignore it. Or pretend it is
not there.
Look at it. Grab it and look right at it. Hold onto it.
There is more there, much more, than you think.
You know exactly why you received this message
Love, Your Friend....

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